About me







About me


My name is Marta Wittmann. I come from the Czech Republic and have lived in Austria since 2006.

English and Czech have been my favourite subjects already at the primary school. Also supporting my school mates by learning has been my hobby at this time. In 2005 I passed my school leaving examination in English and accordingly started to work abroad. Since then English belonged to the foreign languages I used to speak actively at work - in gastronomy and office. My current language knowledge corresponds to the C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

To be able to integrate well in Austria, it was my big target to learn German 10 years ago. If you learn a foreign language in the country where this language will be spoken, you can learn it much faster than in your homeland. I have always been eager to learn, so I achieved the level C1 already in summer 2007. German is like my second mother language now, as I have communicated mainly in German since 2007.

In 2010 I wanted to learn an additional foreign language. Nowadays, Russian is very important. I wanted to rise this challenge. Several extra occupational courses later I achieved the B2 level in summer 2015. Now I am perfecting my knowledge by speaking with my Russian friends, listening news and reading.

Not only learning and teaching languages are my biggest hobbies. I also like to meet friends, to go to the cinema, to a good restaurant, into the sauna and to ski. I like reading novels and true stories in different languages. Drawing, singing, listening to music, dancing, watching TV and face painting for children also belong to my hobbies.






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