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5. "Meet & Talk"

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Dear students!
Dear friends!

Many thanks for your participation in the 5. „Meet & Talk“ in this year! It was great fun with you!

On 08.02.2016 „Meet & Talk“ | Let us speak English! took place at the restaurant Zwilligs-Gewölbe. Five people confirmed this event.  Four of them participated. There is also a winner! Some of you took part in the raffle to win a free lesson with me (= two hours). Tomas from the Czech Republic won - congratulations, Tomas!

This time we got to know each other thanks to our personal key words. We were describing different pictures and were discussing. I was really surprised by everyone's creativity. In my opinion, Mike's description of the 45 years old Indian woman was the best one. Thank you. Although the participants' levels were not equal, this event was definitely successful.

You learned following expressions:

•  (It's) nice to meet you!

When you meet someone for the first time you can say (It's) nice to meet you. You usually use it just after you introduce yourself, or someone introduces you to another person.

Be careful! In Korea, a lot of people often use nice to meet you every time they see someone. You should not use nice to meet you if you have already met the person before – it is only used for the first meeting. If you use nice to meet you when you already know the person, it could sound rude. Native English speakers only use it for meeting someone the first time, so it might sound like you have forgotten the person. ( )

•  office = a room, set of rooms or a building where people work, usually sitting at desks

•  Were you born in the Czech Republic? - Being born is something that happens to you, rather than something you do yourself. You are the object of the action, not the actor.

•  Where are you from?  = Where do you come from? - speaking about your homeland

•  “Aufguss” = “Onpouring” = pouring water over heated rocks (in the sauna)

Contrary to Russia and Nordic countries, pouring water on hot stones to increase humidity (Aufguss, lit: "Onpouring") is not normally done by the sauna visitors themselves - larger sauna areas have a person in charge (the Saunameister) for that, either an employee of the sauna complex or a volunteer. Aufguss sessions can take up to 10 minutes, and take place according to a schedule. ( )

•  most people - without the at the beginning!

•  twice = two times - exception: It only happened the last two times.

•  to think (sth) (of/about sb/sth) = to have a particular idea or opinion about sth/sb; to believe sth: Do you think (that) we will win? No, I do not think so. (book: Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, 3 rd edition)

•  to think (about sth) = to use your mind to consider sth or to form connected ideas: Think before you speak. What are you thinking about? (book: Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, 3 rd edition)

•  (God) bless you! - after sneezing

•  How tall are you? I am 168 cm tall.

•  to work as: There are lots of places you could work as a sales assistant.

•  to taste ≠ to test: to taste = flavour, sense; to test = to examine sb's skills or sth

•  to look (like sb/sth): The boy looks like his father.

•  to look (+ adverb): You look very smart in that shirt.

•  tough = strong (person); NOT hard!

•  someone (person) - who or that; NOT which!

•  to take sb's hand = to take sb by the hand; NOT on!

•  Spelling names (spelling table - attached): A for Andrew, B for Benjamin, etc.

Vocabulary list:

to bake
most of the time = mostly
my sister's son = “the son of my sister”
Germany = the country
German = the language
their own kitchen
to mean
these guys
advertisement (BE also advert)
to defend
to be older than sb
to make a photo of sb
to be closed
to be finished
to go home
to be at home
no one
Alzheimer disease = AD
to get to know someone
to get to know each other
blood group = blood type
neither … nor
to pray
great river = large river
I agree.
I don't agree.
close to
from this point of view
to search sth = to look for sth
to be interested in sb/sth
loyal = faithful
women = plural of woman
men = plural of man
can = to be able to

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I am looking forward to our next „Meet & Talk“, German and English. Click on „I like“ on my Facebook page   and get all current event invitations! On 15.02.2016 „Meet & Talk“ | Lasst uns deutsch sprechen! is taking place: Please notice that I am organizing this event together with Michael. Michael is again in charge of the group with B2 and C1 level. The main topic will be CV and application letter. Please prepare yourselves for this topic and take your documents with.

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Thank you for your trust!


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Liebe StudentInnen,
liebe FreundInnen,

vielen Dank für eure Teilnahme am 5. „Meet & Talk“ dieses Jahr!

Am 08.02.2016 hat „Meet & Talk“ | Let us speak English! im Restaurant Zwilligs-Gewölbe stattgefunden. Fünf Personen haben sich angemeldet. Vier Personen haben teilgenommen. Es gibt auch einen Gewinner! Einige von euch haben an der Verlosung um eine kostenlose Lektion mit mir (= zwei Stunden) teilgenommen. Tomas aus Tschechien hat gewonnen - große Gratulation, Tomas!

Diesmal haben wir uns mittels von Schlüsselwörtern kennengelernt. Wir haben diverse Bilder beschrieben und diskutiert. Von eurer Kreativität war ich sehr überrascht. Meiner Meinung nach war Michis Beschreibung der 45 Jahre alten Inderin die beste von allen. Danke. Obwohl das Niveau der Teilnehmer unterschiedlich hoch war, war diese Veranstaltung auf jeden Fall erfolgreich.

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Vielen Dank für euer Vertrauen!

Liebe Grüße

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