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11. "Meet & Talk"

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Dear students!
Dear friends!

Many thanks for your participation in the 11. „Meet & Talk“ this year!

On 11.04.2016 „Meet & Talk“ | Let us speak English! took place at the restaurant Zwilligs-Gewölb.
In a small group we were talking about different topics and working with texts.  

Following grammar was mentioned:

•  I was born on 10.04.1985. You were born on …
•  I have lived in Austria since 2006.
•  to get married to somebody
•  to learn à on my own: I am learning Russian.
•  to teach à somebody is giving me lessons: She is teaching me.
•  to be interested in
•  to move: In 2006 I moved from the Czech Republic to Austria. / I am moving to a new flat this week.
•  at the university = “at” like: at school/at work/at the doctor's; in would be inside of (in like: in the kitchen/in the class/in the school – in the building)
•  at a European university = unknown university in Europe
•  Excuse me! – For the case you are asking someone something: Excuse me! What is the time, please?
•  I am sorry! – This phrase is used when you are apologising for something: I am sorry for disturbing you! Would you please help me?


All further addressed topics can be explained in detail during an individual course .

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12. “Meet & Talk” | Lasst uns deutsch sprechen! à 18.04.2016
13. “Meet & Talk” | Let us speak English! à 25.04.2016

Our topic on both days: Travelling.

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Liebe StudentInnen,
liebe FreundInnen,

vielen Dank für eure Teilnahme am 11. „Meet & Talk“ dieses Jahr!
Am 11.04.2016 hat „Meet & Talk“ | Let us speak English! im Restaurant Zwilligs-Gewölb stattgefunden.

In einer kleinen Gruppe haben wir über diverse Themen gesprochen und mit Texten gearbeitet.

Folgende Grammatik wurde erwähnt:
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Weitere angesprochene Themen werden gerne in einem Einzelunterricht mit mir näher erklärt. erminvereinbarung unter:

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12. “Meet & Talk” | Lasst uns deutsch sprechen! à 18.04.2016
13. “Meet & Talk” | Let us speak English! à 25.04.2016

Unser Thema an beiden Tagen: Reisen.

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Liebe Grüße

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