About me









What everything can I do for you:

  •  I help you or your children to acquire the language you desire,
  •  help you to learn the most needed phrases to take part at small talks,
  •  support you at the preparations for upcoming examinations,
  •  help you to prepare for an inverview,
  •  give lessons to your children,
  •  teach you or your children in the language you request,
  •  help you to increase your self-confidence,
  •  am your confidant, with whom you can dare to hold your first presentation.

Learning scope:

  •  Grammar - explanation, exercises, tests
  •  Understanding - listening, reading
  •  Speaking
  •  Writing - homework, tests

Your advantages:

  •  First meeting for getting to know each other for free
  •  Placement test for free (when needed)
  •  Lessons customized to your knowledge and needs
  •  Lessons in that language you choose
  •  Correction of your homework before the lessons
  •  Regular check-up of your progress (homework, tests)
  •  Efficient teaching length (min. 2 hours/day)
  •  Flexible teaching hours (7:30 - 19:00*)
  •  Possibility to learn per telephone or Skype
  •  Usage of your available learning material
  •  Possibility to learn with company learning material
  •  Assistance at choosing appropriate books for you
  •  Supply of additional learning material
  •  Anytime available for questions (e-mail, SMS, Skype)
  •  Invitations to appropriate events for free (e.g. „Meet & Talk“)
  •  Home visits - journey for free (Vienna and its surroundings**)
  •  Company visits - journey for free (Vienna and its surroundings**)
  •  Possibility to learn in Vienna meeting rooms (upon consultation)***
  *upon consultation poss. also later
**with a good traffic connection, outer zones for additional charge
***for additional charge



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